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Keloid Removal

Our specialized treatments utilize advanced techniques to effectively address keloid scars, offering personalized solutions for smoother, healthier skin and enhanced well-being


Keloid Removal

Keloid Removal

Keloid Treatment

Causes of Keloids

Keloids are raised, thickened scars that develop as a result of abnormal wound healing. They can occur after any skin injury, including cuts, burns, surgical incisions, ear piercings, or acne. Keloids are more common in patients with skin of color, such as those of African, Asian, or Hispanic descent. This predisposition is likely due to genetic factors that influence how the skin heals. Certain areas of the body, like the chest, shoulders, and upper back, are more prone to developing keloids, particularly because of the constant stretching and movement in these areas, which can exacerbate scar formation. Keloids can be irritating, itchy, and sometimes painful, significantly impacting a patient's quality of life.

Kenalog Injections for Keloids

Kenalog (triamcinolone acetonide) injections are a commonly used treatment for keloids. Kenalog is a corticosteroid that helps to reduce inflammation, flatten the keloid, and improve its appearance. The injections are administered directly into the keloid, typically every 4-6 weeks, depending on the size and response of the keloid. Multiple sessions may be required to achieve optimal results. Kenalog injections are effective in reducing the size and symptoms of keloids, making them less noticeable and more comfortable.

Off-Label 5-Fluorouracil Injections

Another treatment option for keloids is the off-label use of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) injections. 5-FU is a chemotherapy agent that has been found to be effective in treating keloids by inhibiting fibroblast proliferation, which contributes to the excessive scar tissue formation. When combined with corticosteroids like Kenalog, 5-FU can significantly reduce the recurrence rate of keloids. The injections are usually given every 3-4 weeks, and several sessions may be needed. While 5-FU is not specifically approved for keloid treatment, it has shown promising results in clinical practice and is an important option for patients who experience recurrent keloids.

Excision Followed by Injections

In cases where keloids are particularly large or resistant to other treatments, surgical excision may be considered. This involves surgically removing the keloid tissue. However, excision alone has a high rate of recurrence, so it is typically followed by additional treatments to prevent the keloid from returning. Post-surgical management often includes a series of Kenalog and/or 5-FU injections to inhibit the regrowth of keloid tissue. In some cases, silicone sheets or pressure garments may also be used to aid in the prevention of recurrence. This combination approach helps to ensure that the keloid does not return and that the surgical site heals smoothly.

Comprehensive Keloid Management

Managing keloids effectively often requires a multi-faceted approach, combining different treatments to achieve the best results. Kenalog injections reduce inflammation and flatten the keloid, while 5-FU injections help lower the risk of recurrence. Surgical excision followed by injections provides a solution for larger or more stubborn keloids. Each patient's treatment plan is tailored to their specific needs and the characteristics of their keloids. Regular follow-up and monitoring are essential to assess the effectiveness of the treatment and make any necessary adjustments.

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Keloid Removal

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Keloid Removal

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Keloid Removal

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Patient success stories

Evlyn O.

As a teenager, I suffered from cystic acne which left some indented acne scars behind. I often felt self-conscious about those scars and decided to make an appointment with Dr. Sung after reading all his amazing reviews. I saw Dr. Sung for a cosmetic consultation and he attentively listened to all my concerns and recommended we try using fillers to fill in the small pits.

Dr. Sung and his wonderful assistant Mary made my first time getting fillers as comfortable and painless as possible. It has only been a few days since the procedure but I can already see a huge improvement in the appearance of my scars. I can finally feel confident in my own skin! Overall, I had a great experience at True Dermatology and would definitely return for all my skin needs. Dr. Sung is a kindhearted and highly-skilled dermatologist who really cares about his patients and I would highly recommend him to all my family and friends.

Gerardo L.

I am an ER physician and a couple of weeks ago my nephew developed a skin condition that I had not seen before. I consulted Dr. Sung right away and sent him a picture. He replied in less than a minute with the diagnosis and treatment. I sent it to my nephews doctors who also didn't know what it was. They were able to confirm the diagnosis and start treatment right away.

Without Dr. Sun's quick diagnosis there would have been a delay of treatment and the infection could have spread to my nephews brain. Luckily it didn't and my nephew is back at home now laughing and playing as before. I went to medical school with Dr. Sung. He was the top student in our class all 4 years and I knew if there is anyone who would have an answer it was going to be him and he did. I knew that he is still the best and is always studying the latest research papers. This is the kind of dermatologist you want taking care of your skin.