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Acne Blue Light

Achieve clearer skin with our True Blue Light Therapy™, a safe, non-invasive treatment that minimizes acne through targeted blue light sessions.


Acne Blue Light

Acne Blue Light

True Blue Light Therapy™

What Is Blue Light Therapy for Acne Treatment?

True Blue Light Therapy™ is a cutting-edge treatment designed to combat acne effectively using the power of blue light. This non-invasive therapy targets and kills the bacteria that cause acne (Propionibacterium acnes), reducing inflammation and preventing future breakouts. Blue light penetrates the skin's surface, reaching deep into the pores to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and improve overall skin health. It is an excellent option for individuals looking for an alternative to traditional acne treatments.

The Science of Blue Light Therapy

The science behind Blue Light Therapy involves using specific wavelengths of blue light to target acne-causing bacteria. The BLU-U® acne PDT (photodynamic therapy) device emits a blue light at a wavelength that is absorbed by porphyrins, compounds produced by Propionibacterium acnes. When the blue light activates these porphyrins, it produces reactive oxygen species that kill the bacteria. This process reduces the bacterial load on the skin, decreases inflammation, and helps clear acne lesions. Regular treatments can significantly improve acne severity and overall skin condition.

Benefits of Blue Light Therapy

Blue light therapy offers numerous benefits for acne treatment. It is painless, requires no downtime, and can be used on all skin types. The treatment is quick and convenient, typically taking just a few minutes per session. Patients often notice a reduction in acne lesions and an overall improvement in skin clarity after several treatments. Blue light therapy can also be combined with other acne treatments to enhance results and provide comprehensive acne management.

Frequency of Treatment

The frequency of Blue Light Therapy treatments depends on the individual’s skin condition and response to the therapy. Most patients see significant improvement with once-a-week treatments. Consistent sessions over several weeks are generally recommended to achieve the best results. After initial improvement, maintenance treatments may be suggested to keep acne under control and prevent future breakouts.

Side Effects

One of the significant advantages of True Blue Light Therapy™ is the avoidance of side effects commonly associated with oral acne medications. Oral medications, such as antibiotics and isotretinoin, can cause a range of side effects, including dryness, redness, and systemic issues like gastrointestinal discomfort and potential liver damage. Blue light therapy, however, is localized to the skin and does not have these systemic side effects. Most patients experience minimal to no side effects, making it a safe and effective option for long-term acne management.

Insurance Coverage

While Blue Light Therapy is highly effective, it is not covered by most insurance plans for acne treatment. Patients should check with their insurance provider to understand their specific coverage options and potential out-of-pocket costs.

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Acne Blue Light

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Acne Blue Light

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Acne Blue Light

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Patient success stories

Angela Z

TLDR: gentle clinician, expert knowledge of facial anatomy / muscles, good beauty aesthetic for natural look - highly recommend!

Dr. Sung fixed my facial asymmetry with just botox! My left side has always drooped a bit since I sleep on my left, and that has bothered me for the last few years. I've asked other providers to do this and they either said it couldn't be fixed or would do it and I'd see no results. I told this to Dr. Sung and 2 weeks after my appointment I noticed my left brow and outer eye corner were significantly lifted, and now it is finally symmetric with the right side of my face!

Dr. Sung did a thorough consultation, addressing both my medical and aesthetic concerns (jaw clenching, asymmetry, fine lines) with a gentle approach. He has the patient's best interests at heart, and cautioned against doing too much all at once even though this would be be more efficient / financially rewarding for him. Dr. Sung informed me of each decision to achieve the most natural look, and I feel like I had a say in my treatment plan that was balanced with his medical expertise. He also used small needles and a quick precise technique that I barely felt the injections!

Thank you again so much Dr. Sung!

Gina A

Dr sung is the absolute best!!!

His skill of accentuating facial features while balancing out dominant points of contour to lips, cheeks, neck, and overall face is a true gift!!! I highly recommend true dermatology for any service or treatment you may be in need of.