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True Hair Therapy™

Hair is such an important part of our identity. Having suffered from hair loss personally and being constantly frustrated by the lack of real treatments available, I became impatient. Tired of expensive hair serums and useless supplements, I decided to take things into my own hands. Treating hair loss became personal.

After decades of researching skin and hair loss and tirelessly publishing over 50 scientific articles along the way, I realized what works and what doesn’t for hair loss. This led to the creation of True Hair Therapy™, a proprietary treatment that I believe will change the landscape of hair loss over the next decade. As a scientist, dermatologist, and hair loss patient, I started True Dermatology hair loss center to bring to you the most advanced hair loss treatments directly from the bench to bedside. 

True Hair Therapy™ injections increases the bioavailability of routinely used hair loss medications by at least a few hundred times the concentration offered when used topically or even orally. The key to our success is in our proprietary drug delivery technology. 

While I am excited to share with you more about our innovations, I am more interested in hearing about how True Hair Therapy™ impacts your life. 

If you are curious about oral collagen as a supplement for skin, hair and nails:

If you are curious about the limitations of topical minoxidil:

If you are curious about how nanoscience may change the future of hair loss:

If you are curious about how PRP can be used for more than just hair loss:

The list goes on. Don’t get me wrong, as a dermatology professor, I can go on forever. But enough about myself,  I much rather hear about your story if you allow me the privilege to have you as my patient. 

True Hair Therapy™